Reward Program

       Whether your buying a small or large item from us, you will earn reward points that can be applied to our growing list of luxury experiences.  Their is no limit as to how you choose to spend your points on these driving experiences and each exotic car will have its own reward points limit. Once you reach the reward points need to drive the car for a day or a month, you will choose the vehicle of your choice and the date you wish to reserve the vehicle. When the model of the car you choose is available, you will be able to reserve the car and it will be delivered to you on the day needed.

        The vehicles can be delivered in any of the states listed above but we are adding new states on a monthly basis so if you are on the West Coast and interested in our rewards program please contact our office so we may accommodate your request. 

Disclaimer: Reward point for the exotic car experience is being managed by a Paramito & Son Jewelers, LLC., promotional partner and additional requirements may apply. 

Paramito & Son Jewelers Customer Reward Program

  offered in the following areas
Pennslvyania,    NEW York,   Chicago,   Boston,   washngton DC,    Florida,     atlanta,  North Carolina, South Carolina, tennesse, connecticut,    texas,  &  New Jersey

          Celebrate In-Style
       An exclusive loyalty rewards program for the jewelry and watch buyers celebrating a special occasion. Paramito & Son Jewelers customer reward program Ultimate Driving Experience is the only jewelry design company in the country who it offering you the experience of a Life time Styles by combing the worlds of luxury auto brands and fine jewelry  into an exciting new experience.

         Imaging  when you plan a special occasion such as getting engaged, birthday or anniversary, pulling up in a  new Ferrari or any other car of your choosing. Our partners wia fleet of over 60 up to date models of exotic and luxury cars to choose.  Exclusively for Paramito & Son Jewelers  customer reward programs